Video: Can enuresis be prevented?

Video: Can enuresis be prevented?

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To prevent possible enuresis problems we have to take into account that its origin is in a lack or bad learning of the control of the sphincters, so we must follow some previous advice so that our child can achieve control with confidence.

Before the age of two, it is not advisable to begin removing the diaper. We can choose to facilitate things a season of good weather, since the change of the child will be more comfortable, and we will have to observe that our child, previously, has dry periods of at least two hours and that he expresses his dislike for being wet. If these requirements are met, it is time to familiarize the child with the potty and toilet, without pressure and with patience. Little by little our son will be prepared to do without the diaper.

In this video you can find some tips so that the child can control his sphincters and prevent him from reaching the problem of enuresis.

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