Books: Parenting Guide

Books: Parenting Guide

1. The office of parenting
Montserrat Baró and Sheila VilasecaThis book is a guide for parents of children of all ages. It teaches us to manage all the issues, doubts and conflicts that appear in a house when there are children. We have always heard that nobody teaches us to be parents and that sometimes a course that offers us all the keys to know what to do would not go wrong. in difficult situations. This book is the answer to all questions.

2. Knowing how to educate: a guide for parents and teachers
Bernabé Tierno, Antonio Escaja
This wonderful book by Bernabé Tierno and Antonio Escaja constitutes a true master's degree in education. In it, practical pedagogical orientations and guidelines necessary for the true educator, be it a parent or teacher, are pointed out, and the keys are provided to really know what the deficiencies, feelings, desires and demands of children and adolescents are. In short, it is a work for all those who intend to learn to educate and successfully overcome each of the stages of this difficult but beautiful task.

3. The baby's first year of life. Parents Guide
Gloria Cabezuelo, Pedro Frontera
The defining characteristic of the child is his continuous maturational change, not only in physical appearance with increasing body size, but also gradually increasing his psychomotor development. During the first year of life the baby requires a maximum of care and attention. Parents may feel overwhelmed by multiple doubts about the correct way to feed it, take care of it, or its growth rate. This book will help you by explaining in an understandable way all aspects of your baby's life in these critical and rapidly changing months.

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