Documentary: The Reality of Gifted Children

Documentary: The Reality of Gifted Children

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Being smarter in some cases becomes a big problem. According to statistics, almost two percent of the world's population has extraordinary mental abilities, that is, they are gifted. That's what the documentary is about Gifted, east of Gauss's bell.

The documentary, which will be broadcast today on Documentos TV at 23:05 on La 2 de Televisión Española, tries to reflect the difficult situation that many people go through in these circumstances. It collects testimonies from gifted adults who value an educational system that has pushed them to failure, as well as opinions from parents, teachers and experts in the field who propose solutions. In Spain, the number of gifted is half a million citizens, and many of them never get to know their high abilities. Contrary to what it may seem, high abilities do not imply academic, professional, or personal success. On the contrary, if this exceptionality is not recognized and the necessary response is not given, it can be the source of great unhappiness and disorders of a different nature. In fact, many gifted people live their entire lives without discovering that they are gifted, and others end up developing disorders that push them to depression and even suicide. Gifted, east of Gauss's bellAward of the public for the best documentary for TV at the Malaga Film Festival, is broadcast today (Tuesday) on Documentos TV at 11:05 pm, on La 2 de TVE. our site had the opportunity to do an interview with the director of the documentary, journalist Luis Mora. If you have the opportunity to see it, do not hesitate to do so. I have seen it, and it seemed very good. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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