Mothers and fathers: Let's help the children of Haiti

Mothers and fathers: Let's help the children of Haiti

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We cannot close our eyes, ears, or hands to what is happening in Haiti, because of the 7-degree earthquake on the Richter scale, which smashed and destroyed cities, roads, houses, families and entire lives, this Tuesday. According to the organization Save the childrenIt is estimated that about 50 thousand people lost their lives, and that some 2 million children are affected, in some way.

Most of the children do not know the whereabouts of their families, so they are totally unprotected and require immediate medical and psychological assistance. According to Gareth Owen, a cooperator with the organization, the children are in a state of "shock" and danger. Many of them were orphaned, injured and in need of immediate relief.

Like everyone else, we are deeply saddened and saddened by what happened. Our site has joined the Save The Children's effort to invite them to cooperate and help so that this situation is resolved and that children, as well as their families, can enjoy their most basic rights. The organization works, in Haiti, to meet the most urgent needs of children and their families through the distribution of hygienic equipment, food, water and mosquito repellants. It is also dedicated to building specialized areas for children where they can receive the necessary care and play with other minors to put aside the traumas that result from the catastrophe.

If you can and wish to contribute to this work, please get involved, and deposit "help". Your heart will thank you, you'll see. And your child will learn from your good attitude and good example. Thanks.

With one click and a small donation you can help many children:

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