Expenses for large families

Expenses for large families

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For three, for four, for five ... Have three children or more originates many expenses and in some cases, enough sacrifices. Perhaps that is why, today, families have more children than we can, than those we want, and reality tells us that the birth rate in Spain continues to be less than desirable and we are left at a low 1.5 children per woman.

Many couples take these drawbacks into account and lack the courage to meet the requirements of generational replacement. One of them is the brake that the children suppose in the professional career of their parents. Therefore, the Spanish Federation of Large Familieshas just received with great satisfaction the support of political groups for the proposal that children be listed as years worked.

The idea is to put an end to the labor and economic penalties that motherhood and fatherhood entail, and it would mean recognition of people, mainly women, who must interrupt their work trajectory to take care of their children. Far from the economic pressure imposed by day to day, planning a fun weekend with children usually represents a extra expense considerable, especially when it comes to buy tickets or eat out. Take advantage of the advantages that are granted to members of large families with the presentation of the card to get significant discounts in land, sea and air transportation, insurance, banks, automobiles, food, housing and household-related expenses, it is not enough. To get out of the routine, this weekend, Spanish families will be able to enjoy a day with their whole family at the Madrid Amusement Park for a flat rate of 50 euros, without taking into account the number of children. And all thanks to an initiative of the VII National Congress of Large Families, which is held this Saturday in Madrid, for all registered families. Marisol New.

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