6 feeding tips to leave for the sitter: Beech-Nut

6 feeding tips to leave for the sitter: Beech-Nut

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[Text message graphic identifying sender as Grandma] Hey! I'll be there at 5 to babysit. What should I feed her?

6 feeding tips to leave for the sitter

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1. Make sure your caretaker knows your baby's sleeping and eating schedules [Graphic of handwritten note reads, "Feeding times are on the fridge THANKS G-MA!"]

2. Leave formula or breast milk with feeding guidelines… [Graphic of handwritten note affixed to refrigerator shelf of bottles reads, “Please warm, Thanks!”]

…and warming instructions [Graphic of handwritten note reads, "Instructions: 1. Bowl of warm (not hot) water 2. Insert baby bottle 3. Test temp on wrist before serving!"]

3. Once your baby starts solids, puree fruits and vegetables ahead of time for a perfect meal

4. Store prepared meals in labeled containers for easy access

5. If your child is a fussy eater, leave a few different options

6. Post a list of emergency numbers where your babysitter will see it

And if you feel worried while you're gone, you can always check in [Text graphic asks, "How's it going?"]

Presented by our site / Beech-Nut

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