Pregnancy video: 7 weeks

Pregnancy video: 7 weeks

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7 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your baby has doubled in size since last week and measures 1/2 inch long, about the size of a blueberry.

Tiny hands and feet are emerging from your baby's developing arms and legs. Both hemispheres of the brain are growing, and eyelid folds partially cover your baby's eyes.

Exhausted? Fatigue can hit like a tidal wave in the 1st trimester, probably due to hormonal changes. Hang in there – you'll probably have more energy in the 2nd trimester.

It's fine to take warm baths during pregnancy, as long as the water isn't too hot. Avoid hot tubs and saunas – they can raise your body temperature too much.

Even if you don't look pregnant yet, your baby is changing and your pants may feel snug. Shop for stretchy pants, or try a waistband extender to make the ones you have more comfy.

What costs does your health insurance cover for prenatal care and childbirth? What can you do if you have no insurance. Search for "health insurance" on BabyCenter. Our resource page has lots of answers.

Video production by SALT Project.

Watch the video: Pregnancy Vlog Week 7 First Ultrasound (July 2022).


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