Baby sleep: 5 tips for daylight saving

Baby sleep: 5 tips for daylight saving

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Baby sleep: 5 tips for daylight saving

1. Adjust bedtime
A week before the time change, adjust bedtime.
SPRING FORWARD: 10 mins earlier each night
FALL BACK: 10 mins later each night

2. Set the mood
Thirty to 60 minutes before bedtime, dim the lights and turn off all screens.

3. Keep it cool
Our core body temperature has to dip in order to fall asleep. Shoot for a room temp of around 65ºF.

4. Black it out
Use blackout shades in your child's room, but allow natural light in the morning to reset your child's internal clock.

5. Live your life
Your baby should adjust in a week (or two max). We promise!

Watch the video: How to Adjust Your Baby to Daylight Savings Time (July 2022).


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