Prenatal yoga: Modified standing squat pose

Prenatal yoga: Modified standing squat pose

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To do the modified standing squat pose, place your feet a comfortable distance apart. Join your palms together in the prayer position, thumbs against your breastbone.

Breathe out, and bend your knees, squatting down gently. Move your hips and back down. Your weight should be on the heels of your feet. Keep your tailbone tucked in, and relax your shoulders down.

Inhale. Press down into your feet, straightening your legs.

Breathe out, and bend your knees. Draw up your pelvic-floor muscles. Do not make your hips lower than your knees. Do not arch your back. Hold the pose, focusing on your breathing for as long as is comfortable.

Breathe in, straighten your legs, and get back to the standing position.

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