My favorite thing to do with my kids

My favorite thing to do with my kids

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My favorite thing to do with my children is to travel. I’m giving them the opportunity to get outside of the box, because people get stuck in their hometowns. They get stuck and this is it, and I don’t want my children to be like that.

Cooking. My biggest – that’s one of my biggest hobbies, one of my favorite hobbies is cooking so my kids – Thanksgiving, Christmas, we all go in the kitchen. I have a certain job for each kid to do so they all have a little skill right now.

First of all I love hugging and kissing my kids; that’s one of the favorite things I love. Because you can never ever stop showing a kid love.

Take them out just one on one. I’m all for the big family outing, those are fun although also stressful. But I’ve learned that you really get a separate side to your kids when it’s just them and you.

My favorite thing to do with my kids is to be at the beach and they can walk 150 yards away from me and I can still see them, yet they feel like they’re on their own and they’re really exploring and they’re gathering things and they’re completely with nature, and they’ll be doing it for hours on end.

She loves her iPad and one of the favorite things that we do together is play games on the iPad, and play computer games, video games.

Play all the games that children love. I think it kind of teaches you how to be young again and how to really laugh and really have fun at a more basic level.

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