Funny things my toddler does

Funny things my toddler does

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The funny things that my baby does, he growls. He, “Rrr,” when he likes something. He growls at it.

She likes to wear hats pretty much all the time. She wears my hats, her hats, my dad’s—or her dad’s hats. Boxes, bowls, pretty much anything that can get on her head, she puts on her head.

He prefers to walk backwards. So, he’ll walk around the entire house backwards. Now he does know how to walk forward. But something about walking backwards, he finds it hysterical. He laughs at hisself while he’s doing it. So, I don’t know if he’s entertaining us or hisself, but he loves to walk backwards.

He loves to dance every morning. Every morning my wife has a little dancing routine he does with him. Put on Pandora and he goes to town with it.

She’s one of those dancer to music kind. You turn on the music, she start shaking her little booty. And she do that until the music stops.

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