Hispanic lullaby: El Toro Toronjil

Hispanic lullaby: El Toro Toronjil

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El Toro toronjil

"Vamos a la vuelta
del toro torojil
a ver a la rana
comiendo perejil

La rana no esta aquí
estara en su vergel
cortando una rosa
sembrando un clavel.
¿Como amanecio la ranita?

English translation

El Toro toronjil

Let's go around
The lemon, lemon balm*
To see a frog
Eating parsley

The frog isn't there,
It's probably in its orchard
Picking a rose
Sowing a carnation
How is the little frog?
She is full of maggots!

*The word "toronjil" is lemon balm; toro-toronjil is just a repetition of the beginning of the word, not a bull called Toronjil.

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